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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An unpalatable coalition

All the Tory blogs are talking about the possibility of a Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government after the next General Election. Just in case anybody is tempted this video of Jacob Rees-Mogg on Newsnight illustrates perfectly why that should not happen

...and I'd reinstitute le droit de seigneur in my home constituency
It doesn't illustrate it to me.

So what, a toff who's a Tory. That is no reason for a liberal not to go into coalition with the Tories.

There are far better reasons, not least they're still at heart an authoritarian party (just as Labour is).
A Toff who is fighting a key Tory seat and who demonstrates better than anything I can say how the Conservatives are failing to embrace Cameron's new inclusive agenda. There are a large number of good reasons not to go into coalition with the Tories most of which are better than this including their authoritarianism. Surely I am allowed a little self-indulgence however.
However there are cases where a LD-Con coalition may be in the best interests of the country. Imagine Cameron coming up 5 seats short with 60 Lib Dem MPs and 10 DUP members.

Would you rather see Cameron held hostage by Paisley and the right wing of his party or moderated by a solid LD block that means he could ignore the hunt, flog and hang crowd in his own party.
The answer in my mind is to have a coalition of liberals from all parties. No need to include Mr Rees-Mogg.
Steve Coogan's best spoof yet. 'Mogprat' is a stunning achievement - every Tory stereotype and prejudice rolled into one. Lucky the Tory Party isn't really like this...
Given that Cameron was the onlie begetter of the last Tory manifesto, surely he is already the right wing of his sorry party.
Cormorant: Cameron is where its politically expedient...
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