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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

There will be trouble ahead

It appears that the Conservative revival in Wales has started to stutter to a premature halt. First, there was the debacle that is Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire and now a prominent Young Conservative, Monmouthshire activist and blogger has packed it all in, citing control freakery and being taken for granted.

James Skinner, who has been on my blogroll for some time, has announced on his blog that he is quitting the Welsh Conservatives to go independent. He tells us that promises made to him by prominent Conservatives were not fulfilled and that attempts were made to censor what he wrote on his blog.

Meanwhile, Luke Young has spotted the arrival of a new Welsh political party. People's Voice has registered with the Electoral Commission as a fully fledged political party and recorded Blaenau Gwent MP, Dai Davies, as its party leader. The party is registered to fight elections in both England and Wales but, judging by its party descriptions, will be concentrating on Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen for now. So what happened to putting the people above party politics?
In re Skinner (in the matter of Skinner): "In the name of God, GO!"

... opps, sorry, wrong Skinner. I was thinking of Dennis Skinner.
Surely you can register a party name and still be outside of party politics? For instance, Dr Richard Taylor the Independant MP for Wyre Forest. His party is registered.

Didn't Peter Law adopt "People's Voice" as a title?

When I was a member of the Labour Party, the tribalism constantly annoyed me. I had a lot of time for the Liberal Democrats, but because they were another party then EVERYTHING they said was wrong. To any intelligent person this is plainly barmy. No wonder party politics is in decline.

With people such as Dai Davies, Richard Taylor and George Galloway, you do get people who don't tow a party line, largely because they ARE the party.
I think the hat-tip should be to Steffan Lewis who blogged about this on Monday.
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