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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sunnier Climes

For those like the First Minister who believe that global warming will mean hotter summers and a Spanish climate here is a sobering alternative view from Friends of the Earth:

Friends of the Earth's Assembly campaigner Gordon James, said, "This is a dangerously complacent and irresponsible statement by the First Minister. Although opportunities exist in areas such as clean energy developments, the environmental and economic threats posed by climate change significantly outweigh any benefits.

"The climate will become more unstable producing extremes of weather, such as flooding, droughts and storms, which will cause significant economic, social and environmental problems.

"The report from the National Trust about the damage to Wales' coastline gives an indication of what lies in store for us.

"Rhodri's statement gives the impression that there is little to worry about here in Wales. We can, it seems, sit back and look forward to enjoying Spanish sunshine while the tourists flock in.

"The reality will be very different as northern Europe will be creaking under the strain of millions of environmental refugees heading north to escape severe droughts whilst struggling to cope with rising sea levels and extremes of weather.

"Our response to the severe threat posed by climate change is already far too little too late. What we need now is strong political action - this sort of muddled thinking from the First Minister shows a serious lack of leadership on the most important issue of the day."

I would say that we are already seeing signs of those extremes of weather.
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