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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Snow traveller

The news that Hay-on-Wye has been twinned with Timbuktu has led to a number of comments. One entertaining one is in today's Guardian letters' page in which, presumably alluding to the snow, Aidan Roe of Manchester compares travelling experiences:

I went to Timbuktu (Hay-on-Wye toasts its twinning with Timbuktu, February 7) in 1965. Then, as now, there was a regular air link from Bamako to Timbuktu via Segou and/or Mopti. A regular ferry service runs from Mopti to Timbuktu. You can also take a king-size pirogue, which is usually faster. Getting to Hay-on-Wye? Now there's a problem.

It is of course worth the extra effort to get to Hay-on-Wye.
If there is an air service to Timbuktu, how come the twinning committee from Hay had to endure a day-long bumpy road journey there? This was what one member reported in an interview by BBC Radio Wales last week.

- Frank Little
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