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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The letter bomb attack on workers at Swansea's DVLA this morning was quite shocking. I cannot find words strong enough to condemn this outrage and when I told Sky News this afternoon that when the perpetrator is caught then they should lock him or her up and throw away the key, I was not understating my feelings.

The Guardian website is reporting that there have now been seven such attacks and it is difficult to know or understand what is motivating them. It is important however that everybody dealing with mail now takes extra precautions until those responsible are caught.

In the meantime my sympathies and best wishes go out to all the victims of these attacks and their families.
Best guess: we are seeing the actions of eco-warriors delivered sunny-side up c/o breakfast news. They are crazy violent-with-it-nit-wit-arrogant-self-self-self-criminals who seek the “oxygen of publicity”. If memory serves, the DC metro area had a taste of their craziness a while ago; an eco-warrior group set fire to newly built houses causing quite a lot of damage. They are anti-everything that has, from their perspective, an environmental footprint. Let’s hope that the British Police liaise in a meaningful way with their counterparts in Europe and the East and West seaboards of the USA.
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