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Thursday, February 22, 2007


As the Wales Labour Party head up north for their pre-election conference it is clear that jitters are already starting to set in.

As I reported yesterday Rhodri Morgan has come out blazing in a very personal attack on David Cameron. His claim that the Tory Party Leader had never had a proper job has led to a feature in today's Western Mail looking at the employment history of the two men and explaining why it matters what MPs and AMs did in a previous life.

As usual in these matters rumours continue to spread amongst political circles. There is talk of secret party opinion polls, of individual AMs worried for their seat and of deals being done already behind closed doors for post May.

A sample of the gossip I have heard in recent weeks includes secret talks between Labour and the Tories to hammer out a post-election deal (ridiculous!) and a high ranking Labour member telling people that he believes that his party may lose Newport East.

Whatever the truth or otherwise of these rumours, it is obvious that Labour AMs in particular are very nervous. Not only are they down in the polls and having to defend an unpopular Prime Minister, but a number of them have problems with many of his policies as well including the war on Iraq, Tuition Fees and many more. It will be an interesting few months.
So Captain Morgan would have us believe that he, First Rum Minister, is genuinely concerned about the employment history of one David Cameron, leader of them there Tories. Frankly, the First Minister should be more concerned with the current employment performance of Dr. Gibbons who has turned up an unexpected talent at running a multi-million pound demolition derby … on the health care system of Wales.
Nick Bourne's comments this week about a coalition with Labour should leave people in no doubt.

"We will not do it now. We will not do it in May. We will never do it."
Isn't Nick Bourne old? Isn't he uncharismatic? Why hasn't there been a campaign against him in the Western Mail on that score?
According to Nick Bourne, "We will not do it now. We will not do it in May. We will never do it." Nick Bourne just forgot to add, ‘… and more to the point, when we “do it” we will point out that we (the Conservatives) never said we would “never ever do it”, just that we would “never do it”’.
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