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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


How many times can one party introduce the same policy? This morning's promise by Plaid Cymru that they give every 11-year-old a laptop computer is by my reckoning the third time it has been announced.

I have to say that this is not how I would have approached the issue of rolling out new technology to youngsters. Apart from the child protection problems of young people accessing the internet without supervision, there are also issues of value for money and questions about effective educational outcomes. Essentially, it is a gimmick.

If we are going to invest a large amount of money into ICT then my first priority would be to make sure every classroom has access to an interactive whiteboard and enough networked PCs to make a difference. There is also the question of adequate ICT provision for the teachers.
You'd think if they were going to announce a policy three times, they wouldn't choose such a stupid one
Its almost as bad as Swansea Council teh same £3.5 million of Assembly money for the city centre about a dozen times over the last year.
Not quite. Most of the reports in the paper have been about cabinet proceedings as the Council goes through the process of finalising the scheme and approving it. The Council only announced the money once and then how it is to be spent. What the Evening Post does is a matter for them.
I was just reading the story in the WM and the same thoughts came to my mind. - heared all the gimmicks before
"make Wales the most knowledge-rich nation in the world".

Sounds like the dark tones of the "HerrenVolk" to me
What a political scandal "Plaid sticks to same policy". More fun if they changed their policies at every announcement of course.
A good way of ensuring that the public knows and remembers what your policies are is to repeat them often.
If the Lib-Dems tried the same trick we might know and remember what their policies are.
There's a legal term that might possibly in all probability best describe Plaid Cymru's contract with Welsh voters, "an illusionary contract".
Hot off the sticky news-press

The Plaid manifesto has been amended to add the promise of free (Dutch) lager for all toddlers.
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