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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Powder of choice?

Today's Daily Post reports that traces of cocaine have been found in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Tests were carried out with pink paper swabs which turn blue on contact with cocaine by some budding investigative journalist but are nevertheless very disturbing.

North Wales Tory AM, Mark Isherwood is quite right in his comments that “Given that the Assembly building has very quickly become one of the most-visited attractions in Wales, and it is being visited by a very broad section of society, it should not be particularly surprising.

“But it is reflective of the reality of the society we live in today and how common the use of cocaine is."

It looks like we will have to be more vigilant in future.
hahaha! vigilant of what? liam gallagher lookalikes sneaking to the toilets?

get a grip, black!
No, of journalists running around with pink paper swabs! :-)
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