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Friday, February 23, 2007

The foot in mouth election

Tony Blair is scheduled to appear at the Wales Labour Conference today but, like the prodigal son, he cannot be certain of the welcome that will await him.

Rhodri Morgan has just been on Good Morning Wales and must have left their studio covered in splinters after an extended session sitting on the fence. He refused to be drawn on whether he believes that the Prime Minister is an asset to Wales Labour or not and once more refused to express an opinion on whether Britain was right to join with George Bush in invading Iraq.

The First Minister also repeated the claim of a Tory-led coalition of the three minor parties despite a splutteringly indignant performance from one of Plaid's four leaders on the Television last night and the threat of legal action against anybody who has the temerity to float such a possibility.

Still, if the delegates are short of something to talk about they can always resort to Agas. Peter Hain's views on this splendid culinary aid finally made the dead-tree press this morning, a full eight days after I pre-empted BBC correspondent, David Cornock with his own exclusive story.

As David says: "Perhaps it is time for a crusade to rescue the people of Britain from 'second class' food. Let them eat Mr Hain's favourite marinated tuna steaks." What are conference delegates having for lunch this weekend and how has it been cooked? These are the questions that are on the lips of voters throughout Wales. I wonder if Rhodri Morgan is prepared to give an opinion on Agas.
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