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Monday, February 26, 2007

Eluned wades in

I notice that Labour MEP, Eluned Morgan, has now waded into the Deputy Leadership contest by endorsing for Peter Hain. What is most interesting however are her remarks about Gordon Brown. They hardly amount to an overwhelming vote of confidence in his future leadership of the Labour Party:

Eluned Morgan, a member of the European Parliament, said Mr Brown lacked Tony Blair's communication skills and had a poor record on European affairs.

Although she stressed she was still supporting Mr Brown as the next Labour leader, her remarks come at a time when some Labour MPs are privately nervous of a Brown premiership. Opinion polls suggest he may struggle to beat David Cameron at the next general election.

Ms Morgan told a fringe meeting at Welsh Labour's conference in Llandudno that she admired the Chancellor. "He is the person who has redistributed wealth to the poorest part of our society, yes, sometimes by stealth, but the results have been unbelievable," she said.

But she went on, "He does have weaknesses, and we need somebody to rebalance some of those areas... whichever way you look at it, Gordon Brown does not have those communication skills and we need someone to counterbalance that.

"The other area where I think Gordon is a little bit weak - and I am a big fan of Gordon - is on the European Union, and even his inner circle admit there are weaknesses. It [the EU] is one of our arch weapons against Cameron."

Maybe there is something in all this talk about Labour Parliamentarians casting around for an alternative leadership contender after all.


This is off topic but you may not be aware that Cllr Mike Oborski died a fortnight ago. You still have a link with his name on. It might be appropriate to change it when you have time.

A friend has just rung to tell me. He was a very good guy who played a big part in developing Liberal and later Lib dem campaigning ideas. Quite one off and not to be forgotten.
Yes, thanks I did know and even met him briefly when we were in the same party. I had meant to change it but forgot. I understand that Fran has taken over the blog and so I have changed the link accordingly.
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