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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Drinking Smoothies

It has been an exceptionally busy day including a visit to the COSI cosmetics factory in Maesteg and the new Children's Centre in Clwyd School in Swansea. I have also spent an exceptionally large amount of time with Assembly technicians who, very efficiently refreshed all the hardware I have the use of whilst I remain an Assembly Member.

In all of this rush I have not had much time to blog and really only have a few minutes now. Nevertheless, it would be remiss of me to let the day pass without commenting on Rhodri Morgan's attack on David Cameron in this morning's Western Mail.

By and large it was difficult to disagree with anything that Rhodri said. It certainly upset the Tories. The response on their official campaign blog was positively vitriolic. This included the devastating (not) conclusion that 'Rhodri Morgan has become something of an expert in trading in personal insults. The popular image of Rhodri, Man of the People, has long since disappeared.'

I am not sure what exactly either diatribe achieved. Only a few weeks ago Rhodri Morgan said that he wanted to fight the Assembly elections on Welsh issues and on Labour's 'achievements' such as they were. Now however, he is getting down and dirty with the UK leader of the Conservatives with barely a mention of their Welsh leadership or their Welsh policies.

Can we now take it that Labour are happy for non-Welsh issues to be brought into the election? I doubt it, but that is what is going to happen regardless and Rhodri Morgan has opened the door to that widening of the campaign. Cherie Blair was in the Welsh capital a few days ago campaigning for Labour's Cardiff North candidate, her husband is due to follow as, no doubt will other UK politicians. The Assembly elections will be as much about Tony Blair's record as Rhodri's and he knows it. Maybe that is why he is trying to distract us.
Inscrutable, mysterious … RM

Rhodri Morgan -
Related to Stanley Morgan?
JP Morgan?

Rhodri Morgan –
Worth a packet of … frozen peas?
A pair of Y-fronts?
100 gold sovereigns?

Rhodri Morgan –
A fool?
silly man?

Rhodri Morgan –
Good for?
Icing a cake

Rhodri Morgan –
Just got out of bed look
Would give Nick Nolte a run for his money
Sorry, last typoe fix - honest guv'

So there’s a COSI perfume factory in Maesteg. Perfumes sell because some folks like to smell fresh and radiant.

On the smelling salts front, it is well known that the Conservative Party is attracted to the smell of sickly sweet rotten flesh - so are buzzing flies.

The Labour Party is strongly attracted to the smell of big money, which might explain the cash-for-honours affair with regard to which the police are still trying to work out what a “K or a big P” means. Police have recruited math experts who are working on a formula, goes something like y = mx + c, where “y” signifies the number of Ks or Ps, x stands for “big ones” or “bungs” and c represents the $$$$ threshold (baseline) above which “a donor” is on the ‘K or big P list”.

Plaid doesn’t have a sense of smell. Explains a lot really - Plaid is not really a party at all, some say Plaid is a cosmetic party.

In stark contrast, the Liberal Democrats are populated with perfumers – people who can sense a good smell from 100 paces of which Lembit is just one fine example; Lembit famously honed in on a particularly cheeky perfume smell.
Rhodri's comment yesterday and the Tory reaction were both a sad indictment of the state of Welsh politics at the moment. If Labour's tactic is to bring out the core vote by scare mongering about the Tories it is bound to fail. In fact it could lead to fewer people voting in May which would be a tragedy for Welsh democracy. Perhaps Rhodri and his advisers should read the very interesting article in today's Spectator by Frank Luntz about the use of language in politics.
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