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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Discussion points

Many of the Sunday papers are leading on the frankly shocking (not) revelation that Tory leader, David Cameron, took drugs when he was 15 years old. Personally, I am with Jonathan Calder on this issue. He writes that the story will harm the Conservative leader 'not because people care about cannabis, but because everyone will be reminded that he went to Eton.'

Meanwhile, The Scotsman wins the prize for most original headline of the day over its very serious story of how confectionery giant Cadbury is seeking to recall Easter eggs because they have the wrong nut allergy labelling. Their copywriters came up with the following: 'Recall of chocolate leaves egg on the face of Cadbury'. Enough already!
Question is did he take coke?

He was grounded by his Eton Masters on being busted for smoking pot and made to write out lines of Latin.

Can you see that happening in Bonymaen?
'Recall of chocolate leaves egg on the face of Cadbury'.

Just one question, are we talking "Edwina Currie eggs" or Edwina-free eggs?

Will Margaret Thatcher reiterate her famous comment, "I had eggs for breakfast"?
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