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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cheeky Brits

Matt Withers reports in today's Wales on Sunday that Lembit will be accompanying his Cheeky Girl girlfriend, Gabriela to this week's Brit Awards. However, it seems that the duo have unaccountably been overlooked for an award. The only explanation for this must be that they are not British. That must be right, surely.

Matt should rest assured that when I launch a document containing Welsh Liberal Democrat Education policies on Monday I have no fears that its very relevant and effective contents will in any way be overshadowed by this royal occasion.
Is the Cheeky story ever going to disappear? Hopes that it would be out of the way by now were obviously a little optimistic. Interviewing Jenny Randerson last week, she confessed no-one had asked her about the affair for two days! Is it damaging the Lib Dems? Doubt it.

Hopefully one of the papers will have a nice poll in the run-up to May's elections and ask whether it's put people off the party, though I'd imagine it just makes Lembit a bit more quirky than he was already.
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