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Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Tory bites the dust

David Cornock confirms that Nick Bourne has finally got his way and had Peter Davies, father of AM and MP, David, removed from the list of approved Assembly candidates, just days before the party chooses its candidates for the regional list in south east Wales. The process took three months to bring to a head.

Mr. Davies' crime was to write to the Western Mail to propose that the Welsh Assembly should be scrapped. Obviously, freedom of speech and thought is not something that the Conservatives value in their candidates.

Mr. Davies has taken the decision well. He is said to have compared his treatment by the Tory party with chairman Mao's China.
Peter> Looks like Nick Bourne has "Turned Bertie". Nick has blossomed into a Red Tory. Put another way, and using the words of a previous Tory, Nick Bourne is the “unpalatable face of Toryism". Meaning, Nick Bourne is the true face of Toryism in Wales. If they win (fat chance I know), “All will be LOST”.
What Nick Bourne did was a disgraced. He's turned into another Rod Richards, only without the charisma. He should resign as leader asap!
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