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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another gaffe?

The US Ambassador was in the Assembly today with his wife. I am told that she was wearing a Burberry coat.
you going to blame that on rhodri as well then?
Hot off the sticky satirical press:

American Gaff – made in Wales
The US Ambassador was in the Assembly today with his wife who wore a "fashionable" Burberry coat made out of Welsh Dragon scales. Assembly members showed true Welsh grit by refusing to courtesy. The White House has apologized for the insensitive act declaring that it was simply a misstep on the part of the Ambassador’s wife who thought (mistakenly) that she was showing solidarity with the people of Wales by wearing a Burberry coat made out of Welsh Dragon Scales.
Political Fall Out Continues
Welsh Assembly members are split down the middle. Half think it was a good thing that the American Ambassador’s wife wore a coat made out of Welsh Dragon Scales because this showed the world that Welsh Dragons do - in fact - exist.

Meanwhile, the American Hunters Fraternity have announced that they are planning a trip to Wales to bag one of the creatures, which they plan to donate to the Smithsonian.

A gaff is something to use to make sure a fish is dead. A fish is a cold-blooded, slippery creature ... perhaps you're right after all.

what do you mean apparently? didn't you take the time to stand in a line and politly shake hands as they passed down the line.
wait a minute, why are my messages coming up as from "paul" where has my Taffia Don tag gone?
FHL> Things have got so bad - can't even have a decent gaffe!
Tomorrow (well, already Saint David's Day in Wales) ... a ditty to coddle the wildest Welsh heart

Beloved Wales
A land of greenery, frightening drops and blue surf
A magnificent people
A strain of rain
And a special Dragon
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