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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Aga news

Ok, own up, who remembers Lembit and Sian in Hello Magazine posing in front of an Aga in their new Mid Wales home? I have to confess I had managed to erase the image from my mind until a BBC journalist reminded me of it today and showed me this website. Peter Hain, the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland has got an Aga too.

It seems that no self-respecting Cabinet Member would be without one. What better way to escape from the pressures of brokering the Northern Ireland power-sharing agreement than to whip up a meal for 350 guests on your Aga?

Update: David Cornock now has this story on his blog. Judging by the tone of his piece he does not own an Aga himself, nor does he fully appreciate the advantages ownership of one bestows on up and coming politicians. This is not a campaigning tool, it is a way of life.

Further Update: It seems that the piece has mysteriously disappeared altogether from the Aga Westend website. Fortunately, there are cached searches, so we need not worry about this picture of domestic bliss vanishing from our lives.

“Whose Line Is It Anyway” …

There’s no other woman between Hain and his wife, just the Aga.

Hain exercises his X-man capability on camera by fusing his right hand with an Aga.

Hain demonstrates that everyone should have a nuke powered Aga in their own home.

... winner can choose between a slap up meal at their favourite Bistro on Cardiff’s Caroline Street or a signed postcard from Mr. Loveable Hain.
There must be an 'Aga' section of the Labour Party that he is trying to garner votes from.
Perhaps Hain will next try to emulate Britney Spears's bald new look!
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