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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weekend madness

This is a quick entry as I have to rush off to Mid Wales for a meeting, however reading the Western Mail over breakfast I noticed that the impending elections are rapidly turning into a discussion on fringe issues rather than the key matters of crime, health and education that concern the vast majority of voters.

First off is Lord Falconer, friend of Tony, and Lord Chancellor, who has warned that Scottish independence will splinter the UK. He is naturally concerned at the growth in support for the SNP north of the border and their promise to hold a referendum on independence if they are elected. Despite his protestations that this perceived threat to the UK is not of the government's making one cannot help but think that this is precisely what he is getting at.

The point is, however, that it is not devolution that has got us to this situation but the shambolic way that the Government has delivered it. They failed to see the big picture, did not have a constitutional end game and allowed the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish settlements to develop independently of each other and of the UK as a whole. As a result each country has developed its own individual momentum and nobody has any clear idea of where we are going to end up.

If the Government had a clear vision of a federal or confederal Britain that incorporated such developments, including some solution for England, then people like Charlie Falconer would not be getting the jitters now. Instead he would be able to incorporate the SNP's plans into that vision and retained a loosely confederated nation state within the European Union.

The second article that grabbed my attention was the launch of the English Democrats' campaign to liberate Monmouthshire. This promises to be one of the more entertaining side shows of the Welsh Assembly elections, especially as the party of luke warm beer and Gary Bushell seem to have missed an essential truth. When Monmouthshire was incorporated as a Welsh County in 1974 it was bigger than the existing constituency, including within its boundaries Newport, Torfaen and part of Caerphilly. In other words it was Gwent.

For some reason the English Democrats are ignoring this and are seeking to liberate only a small part of the original county. Could it be that they know that they are onto a loser in the other areas? Oh, and has anybody told Charlie Falconer about this audacious attempt to unpick the devolution settlement?
cool lets get the whole lot back, lol

Seriously Given that arbitary decision of a subjects fate by crown authority is illegal under 1215 MaGNA cARTA (As applied to Wales 1536 and 1543 and uniformly since the aboltion of the Welsh Courts system centred on Ludlow Shropshire in the 1830s, of which Monmothshire was exempt as it was on the Oxford Assizes circuit) and to do so collectively is illegal under your so called precious Human Rights Act, there is a massive case for letting Monmouthshire in its entireity, and Berwick upon Tweed decide.

You never know Newport could become the next St Helier or Douglas as the people escape rising WaG taxes due to a fair consitutional settlement and the loss of a lifeline in terms of EU funding as Brussells chair faces East and not Wst.

Its one reason combined with your partys proposed carve up of my beloved England into nine Euro regions that I'll never join your party.

James Ware
The Welsh Assembly does not have tax-varying powers. As England and Wales are all part of the same sovereign state this discussion is completely irrelevant anyway.
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