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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Top Tory suspended

Former Welsh Conservative chairman, Sir Eric Howells, has now been suspended from the party for threatening to support an unofficial candidate in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.

As reported on this blog, Sir Eric had threatened to support an unofficial candidate instead of Angela Burns. She was selected after the previous candidate, John Jenkins, stood down last year when he came under fire for allegedly describing homosexuality as a medical condition on a website in 2003.

Sir Eric, who is an honorary life president of the party, has been suspended by London Party Officials for three months after he gave an interview to BBC Wales’s Dragon’s Eye programme. Obviously, they acted very quickly, which is more than can be said for the case against Peter Davies.

As David Cornock points out on his blog it is now two months and 24 days since the leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh assembly Nick Bourne asked the party "urgently" to remove Peter Davies, father of MP David, from the Tories' list of approved candidates for the coming assembly elections. As far as I know he is still on the list.

The Conservative Party obviously moves in mysterious ways.
Could it be that Nick-the-gutless-would-be-axe-man-Bourne is wetting himself with worry that if Peter Davies was blocked that Monmouth MP/AM David Davies might protest by switching to a party with a slightly less-gutless leader? We need to know!
Which other party leader is more in keeping with David Davies's views? Nigel Farage? Nick Griffin??

- Frank Little
It's news to me if Monmouth MP/AM David Davies shares his dad's views. But he might dunk into another party in protest. Ron Davies might get a phone call. *LOL* If only he had a real political party. Ron Davies is the epitome of what five resignations (two of them within days of each other) and "an error of judgment" can do to a man.
Just returned to your blog and notice you commenting on the removal of Sir Eric Howells and George Mathias as members of the Conservative party.

You can also add Peter Davies to that list as he has been removed from the Assembly Candidates' list which you seemed unaware of!
Right, when was that announced. David Cornock does not seem to be aware of this either.
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