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Friday, January 19, 2007

That racist behaviour

There is no doubt that many of the politicians commenting on Big Brother have not watched it. I do not know if that applies to Ken Livingstone but I think that he has it about right:

"It is clearly racist. Jade Goody and the others aren't fully paid up members of the BNP - they've just got that dull ignorant racism that permeates a lot of not just Britain but many societies in the world. It's just shocking to see it."

Meanwhile, Channel Four has still not sorted out their forums.
Yes George Galloway has summed it up quite well, but as someone who has watched Big Brother over the years, lest we not forget that Galloway was one of the bullies of the house last year. On that note, he can't really take the moral highground on this issue.
who mentioned Galloway? Or am I hallucinating.
No one I think?
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