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Friday, January 26, 2007

A second string

There has been some cautious speculation on the blogosphere about this story that Downing Street had a hidden e-mail system from which messages were deleted after the cash-for-honours inquiry began. It has, of course, been denied.

Although I can be cynical at times I have never been a conspiracy theorist and I do not intend to start now. I am perfectly prepared to believe that there is a second, secure computer system connected to Downing Street for National Security purposes, but have my doubts about it being used to contain details of party donors so as to cover up some huge conspiracy in the way suggested by this story.

All the evidence is that those administering loans to the Labour Party believed that they have acted properly throughout and that, until the matter was referred to the police, who took it seriously, they had no reason to think otherwise. Why, then would they set up a stand-alone system in the first place?

As with all police investigations there is little point in speculating or pointing fingers until some conclusions have been reached and the matter has been judged by the courts. Even politicians and their aides have the right to be considered innocent until proven otherwise.

Update: Arch-conspirator Guido Fawkes has an alternative view.
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