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Monday, January 15, 2007

Poor Ron

There are days when I feel sorry for Ron Davies. There he is, cast into obscurity, struggling to make a comeback, and yet he is knocked back every time.

Today is no different. The Western Mail reports that his latest attempt to form an election alliance between himself and Blaenau Gwent by-election victor Trish Law appears to have been torpedoed before it was agreed. Apparently, the Peoples' Voice felt that Ron Davies and his Forward Wales party were seeking to 'hijack' their group.

Unfortunately for them, that is the problem when you form an electoral alliance on the basis of popularism and of being anti-Labour. The moment you start to think about what you really stand for is when the group begins to come apart at the seams. Much better to postpone the inevitable for as long as possible.

Where this leaves the former Secretary of State for Wales is difficult to say. His future in politics now depends on him performing the stupendous feat of taking Caerphilly for the Forward Wales Party. I think it is safe to say that he will be still looking for allies to aid his political comeback for many years to come.
What is your other Job?, that is besides this one of being the 'Old Woman Gossip monger of AM's', start doing what your paid to do Peter, there's blogging and then there's just plain wasting peoples time and money. Oh yes you could also try and get a life, who else but you would go out delivering leaflets on Christmas Eve!!!!
You dont have to read this blog if you do not wish to, nor do you have to hide behind a anonymity. I do my job and I give value for money. What I do with the spare hour or so I get each day is a matter for me. By the way it was 23rd December not Christmas Eve.
Peter, you say "Unfortunately, that is the problem when you form an electoral alliance on the basis of popularism and of being anti-Labour" so, is this on the basis that the Liberals are seeking an alliance with Labour, that they are now not actually 'anti-Labour' afterall? Out of interest, what alliance is Peter Black seeking these days?
I have amended that sentence just so you are clear what I mean. When the Liberal Democrats went into coalition they did so on the basis of agreed policies. If we go into coalition again the partnership agreement it is based on will also be policy and principle based. As a political party we do not have the sort of problems faced by Independents in this regard. Nor do we operate on an anti-anybody basis, we campaign for positive measures and that is how we will continue. As for me, I am not seeking any alliance at the moment.
Peter's anonymous critic is clearly not a Lib Dem. I am shocked any good activist *wasn't* delivering leaflets on Christmas Eve.

Richard H.
I remember going to see Professor Phil Williams (PC) to talk to him about the need for Wales to get its act together on protecting its intellectual property.

I showed Professor Phil Williams statistics comparing the intellectual property output of a US university, a fraction of the size of the entire University of Wales, with the patent output from the entire University of Wales. The much smaller institution was an order of magnitude more productive than the entire University of Wales at turning its discoveries into patented inventions as a way of generating jobs and wealth for the surrounding community. Interestingly, the strongest part of the University of Wales at protecting its discoveries was the medical school in Cardiff and quite a bit behind was Cardiff University (on information and belief both of these institutes have now left the University of Wales).

Why do I bother to mention this?

Professor Williams walked with me to the exit point out of the then old Assembly Building. On the way I noticed the name plate of “Ron Davies” on an office door. A few weeks later the good Professor was dead under the hands of a 19-year-old woman massage parlour worker, and Ron Davies was no longer representing Caerphilly in light of his habit of searching for badgers, a nocturnal creature, during daylight hours in the greater “Baaaath” area.

My lack of faith in Assembly politicians was thereby confirmed. They deserve less respect than a ham sandwich. A ham sandwich can be eaten. On information and belief, Assembly politicians are not legally edible, but they are good as landfill. *LOL*
For Anonymous: you hide behind a veil so that adds what to your credibility? At least Peter is good for landfill, but you Sir …
Dr Wood, are you saying then that Peter is total Garbage then if he's good enough for landfill?
High Quality landfill if you dont mind!
There is something quite distasteful in a limited AM taunting a superior former AM about the end of his career, Mr Black. Especially when the end was as a result of something that had nothing to do with politics (and something that is a bit of a Lib Dem speciality, too!)

There is no doubt that Mr Davies would be an asset to the Assembly in the admittedly unlikely event of his re-election... and God knows we need to raise the standard in that esteemed establishment.

Your blog can be an interesting read, but I'm sure there are taxpayers who wouldn't be content to know that at 10:28am you have nothing better to do than spite a former Welsh First Minister...
If Ron had retired gracefully then I would go along with your argument, however he has not accepted that his career is at an end and therefore he is as subject to scrutiny and criticismn in the same way as I am.

As it happens, with my colleagues I tabled a statement of opinion deploring the way that Ron Davies was being judged on his private life rather than his conduct as a politician. Having said that his record is not as a Minister is not as unblemished as he would have us believe. In particular the Government of Wales Act is a deeply flawed document and led to many of the problems that he has subsequently been crtitical of. Despite this I happen to agree that he would be an asset to the Assembly.

Do you think that the taxpayers would also be interested in the fact that I was doing Assembly work at 11.28pm yesterday and that I worked solidly through the day with the exception of the half hour I blogged?
Anonymous: If Peter is garbage, then he is high quality garbage, honourable garbage, hardworking garbage, the kind of garbage that any mum would be proud of, and he is very concerned about the citizens he represents. He is a thoughtful thinking person and very willing to go out of his way to help others or use his influence where he can in a positive way. In short, Peter is a good, decent and thoroughly honourable man, and cares deeply about open debate and has a jolly good sense of humour; all attributes which, imho, are very admirable qualities. Peter was elected. Thus he at least is not sitting in the House of Lords without fear of facing an election. For that reason alone, regular politicians like Peter Black do deserve some praise. I can’t think off-hand of any other Welsh politician that offers and moderates such a good blog as Peter. Now that I think about it, I guess I am inclined to admire what Peter stands for. To sum up, if Peter is garbage, then he is in the Ivy League of high quality garbage.
I must agree with my friend, Dr Chris Wood as regards Peter's service as a blogger and a hard working politico.

Anonymous as a liberal I believe in your right to say what the hell you like about anything.

But your credibilty is dammaged by hiding behind a anonymous identity.

It makes me wonder whether you have a agenda.

As for Ron whatisname he should continue his pursuit of badgers, or whatever they were!!

In incidentally he was never a first minister or first anything!!

Michael Cridland (a real person)
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