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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Overkeen Plaid abandon principles already

As today's Western Mail editorial points out, Plaid Cymru's eagerness to get into bed with Labour after next May's elections appears to have no boundaries.

In an eagerly awaited statement of principle Ieuan Wyn Jones takes up a significant proportion of a full page of the paper spelling out his party's strong commitment to having a referendum on turning the Assembly into a full Scottish-style Parliament by 2011. However, it turns out that even this is negotiable.

Reading through the Plaid leader's interview one is left with the impression that he will sacrifice any policy or principle to get his hands on that ministerial limousine. Even proportional representation for local government, an issue on which Plaid has campaigned strongly on in the past, is now described as unattractive if it blocks his route to power. There is no mention of housing or social justice issues, no reference to education or the health service. How things change. The Western Mail sums the position up quite neatly:

Plaid, however, could be well advised not to seem too keen to prop up Labour. It needs to be clear what it would seek to achieve in joining a coalition with Labour and not seek office just for the sake of it.

That is good advice but it is apparently not being heard in the Plaid leader's office. Perhaps Ieuan should save himself the expense and trouble of publishing a manifesto and just refer journalists and voters to Labour's when he is asked what his party stands for in May.

Blimey its the new year and you are still sulking!

Just think it would all be different if only you were Lib dem leader shame you bottled out:)
And you lot are still as touchy it seems!!
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