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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The mark of ambition

The Western Mail finally caught up with Guido Fawkes this morning, reporting on the leaking of a campaign strategy document associated with Peter Hain's Deputy Leadership bid to Fawkes' political blog.

The memo includes a list of MPs prepared to back Mr. Hain in public and in private and also groups of floating MPs who are being targeted. The most telling revelation is that the Secretary of State for Wales has so far failed to secure the support of even half of his party's Welsh MPs. It also lists the names of Labour Party staff who are supporting Hain, even though Party rules forbid their involvement in such a campaign.

Most embarrassing for the Neath MP, is that his deputy at the Northern Ireland Office, David Hanson and his former boss, Alun Michael, who he got elected as Assembly First Secretary, are both on the anti-list.

The article describes Guido Fawkes blog as 'mud-raking' but it does not deny that the publication of the document is both significant and damaging. It is always unwise to underestimate Mr. Hain but in the circumstances one cannot help but think that his bid for promotion may have hit the buffers.
They mud-raking, Guido says it is dirty work but somebody has got to do it.
'Mud-raking' was intended as a compliment
Everyone seems to have forgotten to mention that his deputy in the Wales Office, Nick Ainger, isn’t on the list at all…

Both his deputies have told him where to go...what does that tell you!?
Peter Hain should be looking in his own back yard before attempting to secure support for his Deputy Leadership bid. His support is ebbing away in Neath. Voters are deserting the Labour party in droves! You only need to canvass a few villages to feel the mood of the people. They are simply angry at the extent that they have been neglected by the Labour Party. I think the New Labour dream is over! Woe betide any Welsh Labour MP who is still willing to accept their re-election as a matter of fact.

Richie Northcote
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