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Friday, December 08, 2006

What other politicians think about blogging

For some reason journalists continue to be interested in blogging and are continuing to knock on my door for my views. The latest batch are all students at the Cardiff School of Journalism, most of which have an unrealistic view of the time available to politicians and the idea that we will drop everything to meet their deadlines. Much as I like to help it is not always possible so I often end up answering questions by e-mail or giving interviews on the move in the middle of rain storms.

The latest set of questions by e-mail intriqued me, especially this one:

This is what some of your fellow AMs have to say about blogging:
"too many principled politicians are being forced onto the bandwagon as a self-defence measure."
"they are an effective tool for misinforming voters, allowing Bloggers to misrepresent both themselves and their victims."
"Blogs appear to be used by a disproportionately large number of headbangers and people without a life."
"I think blogs add nothing to serious political debate."
"I think bloggers speak only to other bloggers."
You are the Assembly's most notorious blogger - how do you respond?

My answer is that the politicians in question should stop taking themselves, and this blog, so seriously.
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