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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Welsh Experience

Today's Western Mail asks whether a dusty old eight-track tape found after the sale of a former recording studio is a recording of Jimi Hendrix playing the Welsh national anthem.

It is rumoured that Hendrix was there when a band called New Flames recorded some tracks at the old Crouch Hill recording studios in London's Stroud Green in September 1970. At the end of the tape of that session is what is described as 'a wild and emotional arrangement of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, played on a distorted electric guitar'.

Efforts are now being made to trace the New Flames bass player to authenticate the recording. Make you own mind up by listening to the track here.
Would love to hear it Peter - is there some secret way of clicking on the page you linked to? I can't see any obvious place to click - thank you
Belay that pipe - I have now heard it!

It sounds fairly convincing - especially as it is done in a very similar way to the way he did the Star Spangled Banner.
I have now listened to the whole thing. It is very difficult to think who else it could be apart from Hendrix!
So when I went to post the comments I accidentally rejected them. These are the ones that should have appeared here if it was not for my incompetence:

From Peter Pigeon:
"Someone imitating his treatment of the star spangled banner, but not Hendrix."

and from Banksy:
"No. It's not. And it could be anyone with an over-amped guitar. It doesn't sound remotely like Hendrix. Far too much treble, sounds more like a distortion pedal than an overloaded valve amp, and too much use of the tremolo in the wrong places, and not enough feedback. Try listening to Voodoo Child and compare it to that."
Blatantly not Hendrix- the sound's wrong and the playing's wrong. More in common with modern shred and metal players like Vai and Hammett, and the amp tone's very modern. Hendrix never had that little imagination. And listen to that last divebomb, if that's not some sort of locking vibrato (invented after Hendrix's death) I'll eat my own head. Not even a good hoax.
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