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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stand and deliver

In his Wales on Sunday column Matt Withers reminds us of one particular stunt initiated by the Welsh Tories at the last General Election. They had somebody dress up in a panda suit so as to draw attention to council tax re-banding in Wales. No, I never saw the connection either.

It turns out that the poor sap who spent the General Election campaign wandering around Wales as Rebanda Panda was Craig Williams, who is now standing as the Tory candidate against Rhodri Morgan in Cardiff West.

These sort of stunts are, of course, not new. In more than one General Election various parties have employed a person dressed up as a chicken to make a particular point about their rivals. In the 1997 General Election campaign which I helped to run in Wales, the Welsh Liberal Democrats also lapsed into stunts and gimmicks so as to make our point. And very effective they were too.

It would be remiss of me to name the Cardiff Council cabinet member who dressed up as Dick Turpin so as to illustrate the cost of independence. Plaidwayman, as he became known, was filmed at the Severn Toll Bridge demanding extra taxation for people wanting to enter Wales. This price was in addition to the toll of course. Plaidwayman also made an appearance in Aberystwyth. As for the Welsh Liberal Democrat Quango-busters, I think it might be best if we drew a discreet veil over them, though I still have the water gun.
It was Rebanda Panda, Peter. No idea where you got Rebekah from.

Seem to remember there were quite a few LibDem stunts involving rally cars, motor boats and the like during the 1999 Assembly campaign too.
You are right. I have changed it.
You missed out Nick Cooper, Chair of Swansea LDYS, as 'LibDem Man'at 2005 Freshers. I have the pictures for when he is rich and famous...
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