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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Klutz of the year

Even now, three days later, it is almost too painful to write about it. I have done so, however, because if I don't then inevitably, somebody else will. Within 24 hours of winning a very attractive glass trophy as the BBC Wales AM-PM Communicator of the year, I had done a Joe Calzaghe and broken it.

I had put it in its box into my bag and placed the bag on the back seat of my car. Unfortunately, in the stop-start conditions of the M4 in winter the bag fell off the seat. When I got home and proudly handed the box to my wife to show her the award the first thing she said was that it had broken in half. I was gutted.

I still have a certificate on my office wall and the Liberal Democrat Head of Media has asked the programme's producer if I can pay to have a new one made, but it is terribly embarrassing. I have always been clumsy but this is just too much.
Very brave of you to own up Peter - I had been tempted to post a comment about it on here, but thought it wise to get the Xmas party out of the way first in case you got too upset to sign a cheque!!!

Some people did suggest it may have been more down to your driving style than the road conditions, but that is obviously a foul slur which I couldn't possibly agree with!!
Maybe it smashed because you didn't deserve it in the first place. God works in mysterious ways...
Still bitter, David?
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