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Monday, December 04, 2006

In the Army now!

With the Assembly elections so close I thought that this non-story from Plaid Cymru was politically very 'brave'. Army visits to schools happen when they are invited in by the headteacher and often form part of general careers sessions. If deprived areas have more visits than most then the chances are that this reflects a greater interest in an Army career in those schools.

However, the biggest danger for the Party of Wales is that their opponents will use this research and the slant that Leanne Wood has put on it to try and portray them as anti-armed forces. It could be a very interesting few months.
Peter is this code for "the lib dems will be using this against plaid even though many of our members agree with them"?

Or do you agree that leanne has hit on something here with the army targetting poorer communities for its recruits.....
It is code for this is a very brave thing to do because Labour will use it to beat you over the head with. I do not know the views of most Lib Dems on this but I do know that we do not intend to fight a negative campaign in May and certainly not one that would involve that sort of attack.
As someone who lives at the centre of one of these 'deprived comunities' and is also a Governor at a secondary School (where Leanne herself was also a Governor for a while) then I'd say it is code for 'what a load of absolute claptrap' (I'm being polite!!)

Does the "we" in the "we do not intend to run a negative campaign" include the Libs in Ceredigion :)?

Your broader point is correct of cxourse. Leanne just does not like it when things are to easy for us :)
Absolutely, Ceredigion Liberal Democrats do not run negative campaigns either.
Peter delighted to see you still have your sense of humour intact despite all the budget delays :)
Does the fact that Leanne Wood's blog includes a link to the Islamic Republic's propaganda service indicate that she will take support from anyone including a brutal dictatorship that even denies the holocaust?
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