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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Great Expectations

Now that I have been awarded the BBC AM-PM Communicator of the Year I need to be conscious that it can create expectations as was illustrated by Janet Ryder's reference to the ITV Wales equivalent yesterday:

Janet Ryder: I thank the Business Minister for bringing forward a statement on the foundation phase tomorrow. At the beginning of this week, it appeared very much as though the Assembly would yet again read about a major change in education policy on the pages of the newspapers, and that AMs would not be told by the Assembly’s Minister for education what the roll-out of the foundation phase would be in Wales.

The Minister knows that she probably has all-party support for this, but it would be courteous of her to tell the Assembly what will happen before the information goes to the newspapers. As Communicator of the Year, I am sure that she would love to give the Assembly a demonstration of her beautiful skills, and I am sure that we are all looking forward to that statement tomorrow.

Clearly, the real art of communication is picking your audience.
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