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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Yes, I know. The Christmas period can be very difficult. There are no newspapers, the television is appallingly bad (with the sole exception of Dr. Who of course), you are surrounded by bored children who have already got fed up with their gifts and you suffer anxiety pains right through Christmas dinner as you contemplate how you are going to work off all these extra calories in the New Year.

What better way to combat those festive blues than a nice dip in the sea? Surely things have not got that bad!
Lots of leafletting that's the answer!! Just stay away from dogs - and if you fancy a change of scenery we have some lovely hills in RCT, great for the waistline and the calf muscles.
Hope you joined them for the boxing day dip, Peter? Lead by example and all that..... hehehe
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