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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Getting back out there

Having finished all my Christmas shopping, wrapped my presents and put up my decorations I was feeling rather virtuous yesterday so I decided to go and deliver a few leaflets.

Just as I was finishing off I encountered what seemed like a friendly but rather excitable dog. It followed me into every one of the six houses on the Terrace it lived in, whilst at the same time one of its owner's neighbours tried to bring it to heel. Having finished I turned to walk down the hill towards the next street when the little bugger lunged at the back of my leg and sank its teeth into my calf muscle. It was at that point that I wished that I had Glyn Davies' way of dealing with dogs.

The upshot of all this was that I had to go to the nearest casualty unit to have my tetanus shots updated. It was only a flesh wound but it is very painful. I have also reported the incident to the police in the hope that they will instruct the owner on how to restrain their dog so that it does not attack somebody else.

Leafletting has now been put on hold until after Christmas and the New Year, but I am not going to let a little dog bite stop me getting out there again to work off the Christmas turkey.
I'll resist the temptation to ask if the dog is ok!! Far too cheap a shot.

I hate dogs - leafleting would be so much easier if they banned them all.
So one doggie had an early present... hard not to laugh at the thought that it was all for a Xmas Eve leaflet that will go straight in the bin. What possessed you?
I may have the last laugh if the dog succumbs to blood poisoning :-)
Thr truly gutting aspect is that Peter fails top give enough information for me to buy the canine in question a fillet steak ;-)
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