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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A fair and foul day

The weather today was atrocious. Whilst driving back from Cardiff the whole of the M4 came to a halt as a rain squall reduced visibility to virtually zero.

Earlier in the Education Lifelong Learning and Skills Committee I was having difficulty hearing evidence from witnesses due to the noise from the wind as it roared through the spaces in the flat roof of the Senedd. Suddenly, there was a large crash. Either something had fallen off the new building or it had been hit by a large rock. I never found out.

Still this made a change from the problem in the Committee Rooms earlier in the week. A dead bird had become lodged in the roof space and was slowly rotting away. I was told that some maggots had fallen into a Committee Room onto somebody's papers, but no doubt that story is an exaggeration. Nevertheless, there were quite a lot of flies around in meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.
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