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Thursday, December 28, 2006

End of the honeymoon?

In the Western Mail Plaid Cymru's Deputy Leader has demanded that Labour tell us which party they are going into coalition with after the Assembly elections:

Rhodri Glyn Thomas said: 'It is ridiculous for Rhodri Morgan to cling to the fiction he is going to win a majority. The people of Wales have a right to know what Labour will do after the election.'

This is a surprise to everybody else. We had assumed that after their little budget deal a Plaid-Labour pact was an inevitability. Could things have gone so sour, so soon? Has it got to the stage that senior members of Plaid now have to beg Labour to talk to them?
Is he assuming then that Labour will be in the driving seat? And they can pick and choose as they please?

Perhaps Plaid work differently to us???!!!!
I think they're just keeping the red-green idea in the news.

Much the same as the way the Tories have been trying to keep the Blue-green concept alive. The only difference being that Red-green actually has a hope in hell of becoming reality.
That was my point. Unfortunately for Plaid they seem keener on the idea than Labour and are having to keep the possibility open from a kneeling position.
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