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Friday, December 29, 2006

Cheeky Girls in Newtown

Driving back to Swansea from my mother's today we stopped in Newtown for a quick snack. As I browsed for something suitable in one of the convenience stores on the A483 my eyes were drawn inexorably to the Montgomeryshire edition of the County Times and Express. At first it was the strapline above the title - 'Proud to be local' - that made me check myself to ensure that I was indeed in Newtown, Powys and not Royston Vaisey, but then I realised that the paper contained far more exciting fare.

Tucked away on page four is a regular local feature called 'Nelson's Column' and today it contained details of the first sighting of the Cheeky Girls in Montgomeryshire under the heading "Cheeky Girls, autograph hunters, something's not quite right, is it?" I will let the columnist take up the story:

"While out searching for a last-minute gift for Mrs Nelson last Saturday in Newtown, I happened to spot someone who looked even more panicked than me.

Fighting his way through crowds of well-wishers was our very own Cheeky Boy MP, Lembit Őpik, complete with his Transylvanian pop pals on each arm.

Trying to please everyone who came his way, while also struggling to make a hasty exit, I couldn't help but chuckle as Lembit helped someone put their crutches in a car, and then buy some chocolate coins in aid of the Air Ambulance. Gabriela and Monica did their bit too as they signed autographs and posed for pictures with the youngsters.

When the crowds seemingly got too much for the cheeky threesome they excused themselves and ran up the road, hiding behind the Elephant and Castle until things had died down."

You have to hand it to Lembit, he certainly knows how to milk publicity.
I also accidentally deleted this comment from Duncan Borrowman:
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