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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Another blow for Cameron

According to Liberal Democrat Voice, the Tories have lost control of another local Council following the defection of one of their Councillors to the Liberal Democrats. This has been confirmed by our group leader on that Council, Councillor Gordon Seekings.

The defection means the Tories’ lose their majority on the Council which is now 18 Conservative, 16 Labour and 3 Liberal Democrat and becomes No Overall Control with the Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power. This comes just days after a defection by a Conservative on Dover District Council led to the Tories losing their majority on that Council which is now 22 Conservative, 17 Labour, 3 Liberal Democrats and 3 Independents.

Crawley is a key Tory target. Labour MP, Laura Moffatt held on by just 37 votes at the last General Election. It cannot bode well for David Cameron to suffer such setbacks so early in his leadership.
Peter, I can confirm that this is the case. What your readers may not be aware of is that Laura Moffat MP actually lives in this ward - as a result she is now represented by a Lib Dem Councillor.

At the time of writing this we do not know what her reaction to this is.

I can confirm she did get a letter explaining this change - as the same letter was delivered to all the houses in Marcella's Broadfield South ward today. :-)
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