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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Well deserved awards

I was not able to get to the ITV Wales sponsored Welsh Political Awards last night as I was engaged in a marathon two and a half hour public meeting in my Council ward instead. However, reading the outcome this morning, it is very difficult to disagree with many of the decisions taken by the judges.

Whether you love him or hate him, Peter Hain has dominated Welsh politics in the last year. The Government of Wales Act may be flawed but it is a masterful political fix in Labour Party terms, whilst there can be little doubt that progress has been made towards a lasting political settlement in Northern Ireland, even if it is a common hatred of the Secretary of State that is driving forward politicians on all sides of the sectarian divide. There really could have been no other winner for the Welsh Politician of the Year award.

It has been noted that Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member, Kirsty Williams, was given the acolade of the Member to watch award. Judges considered that she has become a serious contender for her group's leadership. Let us hope that when the opportunity presents itself for her to bid for this position the next time, she actually takes it.

Superb analysis of the situation in Ulster made me laugh out loud...only Peter Hain could unite Paisley and Adams....
Mike German must really love you
AM to watch?

After yesterday's shenanigans I'd much rather watch David Davies and Mick Bates, every time.
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