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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Twenty Seven AMs to rule them all

Glyn Davies has already commented on the problems that Rhodri Morgan will face if he seeks to lead a minority Government with just 27 AMs after the next election. The first obstacle would seem to be his unrealistic optimism that there will be so many Labour Assembly Members.

As I remember it the procedure for electing a First Minister is not straightforward. The two possible scenarios will be a straight vote between Rhodri Morgan and A.N. Other or the more likely possibility that it will be a question of confirming or voting against the single nomination of the present incumbent. If it is the latter then Rhodri Morgan need only secure a majority of those voting. He does not need more than 50% of AMs to support him to keep his job.

The possibilities are endless and I do not see the point of speculating now. After all it will be the voters who will decide on the choices faced by the next Asseembly, not me.
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