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Thursday, November 23, 2006

True confessions

From Catherine Thomas' Short Debate in Plenary yesterday. The subject was "Children in Wales—Seen, But Are they Heard?":

Peter Black: I thank Catherine for raising this subject in Plenary. She raised a wide range of issues, and it is impossible to go through them all in the minute that I have in which to discuss this. I join Catherine in welcoming the school councils’ initiative. When I left school 28 years ago, my school had a school council, on which I served, and the school even had a sixth-form governor at the time, so it was a very advanced school. The council instilled in us a sense of civic and community responsibility, and a desire to get involved, and look what happened to me—that is possibly a cautionary tale associated with the school council. This is a welcome introduction across Wales.

Wales has almost caught up.
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