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Monday, November 13, 2006


I have just found time to catch up with yesterday's episode of Torchwood and finally worked out what it is that is bothering me about it.

With Dr. Who the doctor comes in and sorts out the mess and the leaves without any thought as to what he has left behind. We are able to suspend disbelief to accept this because we have moved on with the Tardis.

In the case of the Torchwood Institute however, they are rooted in their community, people are being killed all around them or being attacked very publicly by aliens. How can they hush all that up? They are still there the next week but there never seems to be any consequences. My disbelief is beginning to grow very ragged.
I thought Sundays's episode was superior to the previous 4, especially the over sexy episodes 2 and 4.

Torchwood is unlike Doctor Who a nasty amoral beast, I think the production team have decided that as it's post watershed the rules dom't apply. The team don't need to be goody two shoes, or be infallible.

Trouble is I think adults need to identify with the leads as much as childeren and too many audience members are finding the amorality and lack of reasons to root for the team hard to take.
Ianto seems to be a human sonic screwdriver in that regard, he's left to fake suicides hush witnesses etc.

The lift is a metaphor for this, people see it, but they ignore it and forget it, it's sort of given that no-one would believe the stories of the witnesses anyway.
Peter, have you been able to compare impressions with the leader of Cardiff City Council (another Dr Who aficionado)?
- Frank Little
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