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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A question of perspective

Things are so busy nowadays that I had to spend some time this morning actually making space in my diary to do Christmas shopping.

The run-up to the Christmas recess is always hectic with many bodies and organisations keen to secure access to us to press home their point. Tonight for example there is a lobby by Welsh Hospices. Alas, I have a meeting of the Panel of Chairs which I have to be at instead. Nevertheless, I will do my best to make my support for their cause known before the other meeting begins.

Last night I had five meetings in quick succession, all of them overlapping with each other. Tomorrow night I need to be in five meetings in three separate Towns and Cities at the same time. It is likely that I will choose to go to a public meeting in my ward about road safety, and so I spent some time this morning getting the an update on plans to increase traffic calming there before Christmas, including the most extensive 20mph zone ever seen in Swansea. The HTV Political awards will have to do without me, especially as they have not seen fit to give me anything yet again!

Of course the fact that this is the last Christmas before the Assembly elections means that things are more hectic than usual. All of the parties are putting the finishing touches to their manifestos and are being lobbied vigorously by various interest groups. Debate in the chamber is also edgier and today's discussion on the Queen's speech featuring the Secretary of State for Wales will be a bit of a battleground.

Personally, I enjoy this job most when I am this busy. It is tiring but satisfying. One of the other tasks I had to undertake this morning was to make sure that my time was well used during the Christmas recess as well. There will be little or no rest and that is the way that I like it.
Was that a glimpse of Mr Black blogging I caught as Jenny Randerson spoke in the chamber just there?
No, I waited until Jenny has finished speaking.
It was a good speech. In fact, it's generally been a lively debate. Not sure what was in David Davies's sandwich though.
Red meat most probably!
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