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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Paying for the Olympics

If the building of Wembley was a farce then the staging of the 2012 Olympics could well turn into a blockbuster. Today's Observer reports that the cost of putting on this prestigous event has increased from the robust and rigorous £2.4bn figure given at the time of the bid to well over £8bn and that by the time all is done and dusted the Country could well find itself with a £10bn bill. That is an awful lot of lottery money.

Questions around this event outside of London will now inevitably move from 'how can we get a benefit from it?' to 'will we ever see any lottery funded projects other than the Olympics again?' There were already concerns from many bodies who were dependent on lottery money that their income would dry up as a result of the need to fund the Olympics. Those concerns must be multiplying now. Perhaps the Welsh Culture Minister can put our minds at rest? We will see.
Those of us living in London (and on the other side of London, although my parents live near the site, but not close enough, or not in a Labour enough area) are more incensed by it.
We're having to pay more tax for this ego-boosting project (one of Red Ken's many projects).

Never wanted the damn thing anyway, london's bureaucrats and politicians are incapable enough as it is, give them something like this and they'll relish the chance to cock up on an even bigger scale.

(is this a sore point with me? never...)
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