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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

John's big carbon footprint

An e-mail arrives urging me to look at a new blog called John Marek's Big Carbon Footprint. The e-mail tells me that the blog will chart the extraordinary travels (and other political shenanigans) of a certain - JOHN MAREK - Welsh Assembly Member for Wrexham, North Wales.

It goes on: "The blog aims to guide you through the political wilderness, where John Marek AM currently reigns supreme...

There will be features on....

* his amazing journeys around the globe
* his sudden interest in his constituents... and,
* his ever-decreasing lack of political 'touch' in both Cardiff Bay and in his constituency."

The one thing that seems certain is that it is not being written nor has it been authorised by the Deputy Presiding Officer himself.

Update: The blog appears to have been deleted, however, the Western Mail reports that the DPO is accusing Labour of being responsible for it. He says that they are running a dirty tricks campaign against him.

In response Labour state categorically that none of its employees were involved. A strange response in itself that begs two questions: was it put together by a non-employee? And, why put it in those terms? Is there a particular employee who might be in the frame who they are protecting? OK, that is three questions but you know what I meant.

If this sort of campaign continues, as characterised too by this video on youtube, then John Marek will be able to call on the under-dog card once more so as to secure re-election.
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