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Sunday, November 12, 2006


As if to reinforce my point yesterday that politician's enjoying hospitality at sporting events can cause problems, the Wales on Sunday reports that officials scored a humiliating own goal when they were exposed for entertaining VIPs at two Millennium Stadium boxes, which have cost the taxpayer £500,000.

The boxes were leased by the Welsh Development Agency and Wales Tourist Board - quangos which no longer exist as they are now part of the Assembly Government. In an effort to take the sting out of a potential scandal the First Minister last night announced that the boxes - located in prime position on the half-way line - will instead be used to reward charitable groups once the Six Nations 2007 tournament kicks off in February:

"When required, the boxes will continue to be used to attract key business investors into Wales, but our intention from February 2007 forward is also to use these excellent hospitality facilities at the stadium as a way of recognising and rewarding those citizens who have made a contribution to the community going beyond the call of duty," Mr Morgan said.

The public will be asked to nominate deserving groups or individuals.

Now there is something that is worth monitoring.
Politicians should steer well clear of Welsh Assembly Government hospitality boxes - aren't they are there to keep the key business influencers, inward investors etc happy? For that purpose, and as I tax payer, I would be content, its business at the end of the day.
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