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Monday, November 13, 2006

Eye on Wales

Could you be the Samuel Pepys of cyberspace?

From police chiefs and politicians, to students and teenagers, millions of people worldwide are taking up writing weblogs, or internet diaries, enabling them to speak to the world at a keystroke.

Latest reports from internet experts indicate that 100,000 new blogs are created daily, and 1.3 million new posts made on existing blogs - currently thought to number around 57 million.

And as the mainsteam media gradually wakes up to the potential of blogs for informing the news agenda, their influence is growing. Some have even been published in book form.

Meanwhile youngsters are also taking to the blogosphere and joining up to social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo and Youtube in their millions, sharing photographs and personal information with a worldwide audience at the press of a button.

Tonight's Eye on Wales hears from Welsh bloggers and asks, what are the risks surrounding this explosion of freedom of speech and self-expression?

Veteran presenter, Peter Johnson, has used his weekly half hour Radio Wales documentary programme, Eye on Wales, tonight to look at the Welsh blogging scene. Listen to it here, it will be on the web for the next seven days.

Amongst the featured bloggers are the Chief Constable of North Wales, Richard Brunstrom, Chris Cope, Annie Rhiannon, a Welsh girl living in Iceland and yours truly.
You keep being mentioned on Tim Worstall's site, which is good - but there is already a Samuel Pepys of cyberspace.

It's Samuel Pepys.


I've tried to interest several history teachers in this wonderful site. None of them quite grasp it.

Ah well.
Thanks I was aware of peepysdiary. The reference to Pepys was of course part of the BBC blurb.
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