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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tea room

Much anxiety for members as, for the second day running, the tea room next door to the chamber is closed for cleaning. It appears that persons unknown stuffed paper towels down the Senedd toilets, causing a flood, the contents of which do not bear thinking about.

I suspect that those suffering the most from this loss of service are the whips, who cannot now track down AMs for votes as easily as they did previously.
The people who take care of the Senedd should be aware (bearing in mind the building's green credentials) that paper towels when mixed with grass clippings compost well, according to research carried out by the Centre for Alternative Technology.

- Frank Little
I would be surprised if anybody who works here was responsible. We get 1000 visitors a day and a number of organisations use our facilities. However, I will pass the tip on.
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