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Friday, October 27, 2006

Rhodri to the rescue

According to this morning's Western Mail Rhodri Morgan has warned Labour Party members that they have six months to save Wales’s public services. Apparently, he believes that the only alternative to him as First Minister is a Tory-led coalition of Opposition parties. A Carly Simon song that springs to mind.

Rhodri's warning is ominously similar to that given by Tony Blair back in 1997. Then, the Labour Leader told the voting public that they only had 48 hours to save the NHS.

If Rhodri reduces our public services to anything like the condition New Labour has left the Welsh NHS in, then we really are in for a winter of discontent should he resume the First Ministership in May.
Why a Tory led Coalition, surely a Plaid led coalition would be, just as / more viable.

The ironic thing about Rhodri Morgans warning though it suggests one of two things.
1) They has pushed Welsh public services into danger in the last 7 years.
2) They have been neglecting Welsh public services for the last 7 years.
Either way, in my opinion, it shows that Rhodri Morgan is a incompetent.
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