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Friday, October 13, 2006

Poor Fred

Fred Elliott is barely dead in his grave and yet Assembly Members are claiming his endorsement for the promotion of Welsh beef. In question time on Wednesday the Labour AM, Christine Gwyther showed a frighteningly detailed knowledge of the soap. Alas, the Minister was not so clued up:

Christine Gwyther: Will you join me in congratulating Meat Promotion Wales on its innovative use of product placement? I was watching Coronation Street on Sunday night, as you do, and there was a very long and poignant scene between Fred and Ashley in Fred Elliott’s butchers shop, where there was a poster promoting Welsh beef that the camera lingered on lovingly for a good three or four minutes. That was very clever marketing on someone’s part, and I would like them to be congratulated.

Carwyn Jones: I must bow to your superior knowledge of Coronation Street—I watch it if I am forced to do so.

Who says that politicians are out of touch with popular culture? I say, who says that politicians are out of touch with popular culture? Well, obviously Carwyn is but then he is a Minister!
this sort of debate makes even a Welsh nationalist like me think twice about the bloody assembly. Seriously, a welsh beef poster is shown in Corrie and someone raises that in chamber!? It's a bloody disgrace.
Have a look at the great Coronation Street fan website at www.corrieblog.tv

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Flaming Nora
Corrieblog Editor
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