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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Missed opportunity

I have just discovered that 4th to 10th October was National Chocolate Week. Somebody might have told me.

Still I have Torchwood to look forward to tonight. In the meantime I have blogged too much this weekend already and need to get on with some work.

Well they kept that one quiet! The Assembly canteen obviously on the ball as usual promised us a week of 'chocoltae heaven' last week but it consisted very disappointingly of the odd bit of chocolate drizzled on their usual eclectic variey of desserts and a particularly unappetizing looking chocolate bakewell tart!

Still, in the true spirit of Welsh Liberal Democracy we could defy convention and have our own chocolate week!
You are already familiar with http://www.chocs.co.uk/ I take it?

- Frank Little
Frank, as you know I work for the Party - they don't pay me enough to buy fancy chocolates!

Still Christmas is coming and I'm sure Peter being the generous person he is would like to bring some in for us!!
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