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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Exciting or excitable

Due to my absence over the last few days I have not been able to post anything on Wednesday's Plenary debates. What I can say however is that those who thought that the Minister for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks, might lack the charisma to do the First Minister's job, would have been surprised at his question time performance.

Andrew Davies was assured, authorative and, according to the Presiding Officer, exciting:

Andrew Davies: We do support—[Interruption.]

The Presiding Officer: Order. The Minister is about to begin his answer. He has answered questions for a long period. [Interruption.] Order. I have allowed this to go on, because the Minister has wide-ranging responsibilities, and he has excited a lot of—[Laughter.] Order. He has excited a lot of demands for accountability from Members. I am therefore exercising my discretion to allow Members to question the Minister. If Members do not wish to question the Minister, they know what to do—they should not send me their names.

No doubt Andrew will be revising his campaign plans already. Watch out for Labour Party members being urged to vote for the 'Exciting Andrew Davies' for leader.
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