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Friday, October 27, 2006

Another one!

There is something seriously awry in the Welsh Assembly Conservative Group. They all appear to have caught the blogging bug. The latest to succumb is Mid and West Wales AM, Lisa Francis, who in her first post admits to 'slightly ludite- tendencies'.

This could explain why she relied on her staff to e-mail us with news of this latest venture rather than doing it herself.
Labour are fighting back!

A 'ludite'? Someone who like Ludo, no doubt.

So now, to keep a step ahead, you need to produce podcasts. Bilinual podcasts.
Another Labour one!!!


Maybe there's a bug going round...
Just checking. Are Welsh Assembly rules similar to Parliament in electoral representation during election period?

Only, when Parliament dissolves, there are no MPs, so if you've got a website that has MP in the domain name, you're in breach of electoral law and can get in trouble. She's registered lisafrancisam.blogspot.com, which is, well, daft.

Nice to see a number of elected representatives catching up with some, but would be good if they could try and get a clue. Given this appears to be part of a strategy, you'd have thought they would at least have consulted a strategist, right?

Nothing wrong with blogspot, but publishing to your own domain makes a lot more sense, and putting am in the address is a hostage to fortune...
I am not responsible for the spelling of Luddite as it is a direct quote from Lisa's site as no doubt David was observing. That does not mean that this site is free from such errors. Typos and limited time do lead to spelling mistakes.

Assembly Members are not subject to the same rules as MPs. They are able to use the title AM and continue to act as an AM and use the resources of the Assembly right up to election day. It is a quirk in the original Government of Wales Act.
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